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Mets Baseball Hat

$ 115.00 $ 225.00

Our stylish wool beanie is knit from 130 yards of usable wool yarn strands that are found inside MLB Authenticated Game Used New York Mets Baseballs. Cooler heads may prevail but warm ones are more comfortable, especially at a chilly spring training or World Series game. Crafted in Southern California, every hat is skillfully woven on a hand-operated knitting machine. The hat is knit in the order of the wool layers as they appear inside a baseball: outer gray, white, and inner gray. The yarn is then softened and the hat is lined. 
  • The bottom 4" of the inside is lined with woven alpaca yarn to keep you cozy for extra innings.
  • Each hat has a hologram number indicating the exact game the balls were used in.
  • Knit by hand in the USA by a single craftsman.
  • Each hat comes gift boxed with a story card.
  • Baseball used may be from "Home" or "Away" games.

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