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Louis C Tiffany Mint Box

$ 6.95


Our classic Louis C. Tiffany Clematis mint box comes filled with tasty, petite peppermints. The exclusive design features a luminous image adapted from the Museum's original "Clematis Floor Lamp" made by Tiffany Studios, circa 1900-1906, and designed by Clara Driscoll, (1861-1944).

With shimmering veils of leaded glass lamps and windows, Louis C. Tiffany and his designers created a revolutionary design aesthetic that brought the beauty of the natural world into the home. The remarkable story of Clara Driscoll, manager of the women laboring in Tiffany Studios (the Tiffany Girls) was revealed in the New-York Historical Society's groundbreaking exhibition, A New Light on Tiffany, and is celebrated in the Museum's Gallery of Tiffany Lamps, a stunning immersive display space for New-York Historical's exceptional Tiffany collection 

  • Made in the USA
  • 2” x 3” x 1"  
  • mint ingredients: sorbitol, peppermint oil, magnesium stearate, acesulfme potassium
  • sugar free
  • net wt. 0.65 oz.

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