The Power of Anti-Semitism; the March to the Holocaust 1919-1939

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The Power of Anti-Semitism; the March to the Holocaust 1919–1939by Kenneth W. Rendell and Samantha Heywood, traces the slow indoctrination of citizens, both non-Jewish and Jewish, through words and images that were seen daily in Germany. The collection of documents and objects featured range from Hitler’s earliest known written anti-Semitic statement, penned onto an announcement of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in June 1919, to his original outline of a 1939 speech that he gave to the Reichstag about the “Jewish Question.” 

The catalogue accompanies an exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, Anti-Semitism 1919–1939, on view through July 31, 2016. The materials featured in both the book and the exhibition, drawn from the collection of the Museum of World War II, Boston, convey the dangers of ignoring or discounting anti-Semitic discourse, as well as underestimating the role of propaganda in denying racial and religious groups their right to live without fear or threat of violence. In the wake of recent propaganda and terrorist attacks targeting Jewish communities in Europe and elsewhere, Anti-Semitism 1919–1939 is relevant today.

80 pages; 45 full color illustrations

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