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First Wave Statues miniature

$ 16.95


Discover history in this charming 2-dimansional miniature representing key figures in the Women's Suffrage movement.

Sculptor Lloyd Lillie's "The First Wave" features life-size bronze statues of the five women who organized the First Women's Rights Convention, and a few of the men who came in support of social, political, and religious equality for women.

The statues were cast in bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, in a foundry owned and operated by a woman.  The weight process caused the statues to lose five percent of their size.

This keepsake is hand-crafted from ¾” thick wood with a detailed front design and a short description on the back. You can sit it neatly on a shelf, desk or narrow ledge such as window, door trim, or wainscoting.

  • size:  4.75x2.5

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