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Barbara Ross-Innamorati

Barbara Ross-Innamorati’s love of fashion and design has always been hardwired into her creative DNA. A devotee of jewelry history, architecture, and the fine arts, ÉVOCATEUR began as a hobby, after years in corporate America. Many years ago, as a student in London, she saw an exhibition of the paintings of the Expressionist artist, Gustav Klimt, which captured her imagination. “Since that time, I have been passionate about and fascinated with gold leaf- the way it can transform even the most ordinary of objects into something extraordinary, almost magical.”

As someone who always loved jewelry, Barbara went on a mission to adapt 22K gold leaf to jewelry design and creation. After 18 months of research and trial and error, she perfected the proprietary technique for which ÉVOCATEUR is now known. “It’s an Old World technique that we adapted into a New World purpose.” Today, the designs feature a refined eclecticism that reflects Barbara’s love of the traditional and ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. Each piece is hand crafted by skilled artisans in ÉVOCATEUR’s Connecticut studio, and can more than a week to fabricate. The pieces are gilded and burnished by hand, and flecks of gold leaf or silver leaf are added, to give the collections a vintage look.

“Each piece has a story to tell,” Barbara says. Some are embellished with authentic vintage jewelry from the 1940’s to the 1980’s, others have striking images depicting African safaris, impressionistic gardens or ancient tile designs. Many of the pieces have been influenced by Barbara’s extensive travels through Europe, Africa and Asia. All of the designs have a sophisticated and unique spirit. Each piece, a work of art, is truly one-of-a-kind.



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