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Carole Amper

Carole’s grandfather was a tailor and sample maker, and early on she learned to sew and pay special attention to detail. She loved the feeling of working with luxurious fabrics.

After graduating with a BA in Three Dimensional Design, Carole traveled to Latin America, where she encountered beautiful Panama Straw Hats and a path for life. Decorating these hats with ribbons, flowers and feathers she was able to create unique, handmade works of art.

By now, Carole’s career has spanned for more than 30 years. She operates out of a building in the historic district of Kingston. They block their own felt and straw hats using hundred year old pressing machines, and fashion special trims and decorations. The designs range from casual to dressy, with an emphasis on quality and value.

Toucan Hats are crafted in the old hat making tradition which utilizes manual pressing stampers to shape Felt and Straw material into classic hat shapes. Vintage Flappers, Cloches, and Fedoras are some of the more popular designs in our Collection. Using the finest fabrics, flowers and ribbons we create beautiful, whimsical handmade hats at an affordable price. Our designs range from basic and functional to more elaborate decorated hats. Custom designed hats and Private label are available. We pride ourselves in that our designs are genuinely appreciated and collected by our customers.


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