Isabel Amigon

Hi I’m Isabel, the founder of Sololi, I’m a color and fabric obsessed plant lover with a passion for making a positive impact on others. For as long as she can remember, I felt a deep need to create and share beauty in the world.

After my very first trip to Mexico, I fell in love with the country's vibrant culture and rich artistic traditions. I was inspired to create Sololi as a way to help preserve and share the beauty and culture of Latin America with others. Through Sololi, I aims to support and inspire others by showcasing beautiful accessories we create and fabric a source from countries like Mexico , Peru , Guatemala and others. In addition to offering beautiful accessories with material I ethically source, Sololi also donates funds to a nonprofit that supports undocumented students in the Hudson valley. I’m committed to using my business to make a positive impact on both our customers and the wider community.

Overall, my passion for beauty and culture, combined with her commitment to ethical sourcing and community impact, makes sololi a unique and inspiring small business.

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