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Jacinta “Jayadevi” Hollon

Jacinta “Jayadevi” Hollon is a yoga teacher and counselor in holistic wellness practices. She developed Jayavati Apothecary as an extension of her work in guiding others on their personal paths to wellness, and as the intuitive culmination of years of studying diverse healing methods and techniques. While immersed in East Asian Studies at New York University and Nanjing University, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively in China, exploring ancient spiritual practices and traditional plant-based medicine. Upon returning to the United States, Jayadevi began putting this knowledge to use in crafting homemade products for herself and sharing them with others. Friends and clients soon began requesting their own customized formulas. Encouraged by the popular demand for these offerings, Jayadevi created Jayavati Apothecary to make her products more widely available to those seeking high quality natural ingredients. With true reverence for Mother Nature, recipes are formulated by the time-honored wisdom of traditional healers to create unique blends that deeply nourish body, mind, and spirit. Products are all natural and organic, lovingly handcrafted in small batches from plant and mineral ingredients in their purest forms. These gifts from Nature are intended to enhance your daily self-care rituals, to be savored as indulgent treats, and to be valued for their therapeutic benefits which support mindbody health and wellness.


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