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Julie Scelfo

Julie Scelfo is a former staff writer/current contributor to The New York Times, where her stories about society and human behavior reframe popular ideas and ask us to rethink our basic assumptions. She has written about transgender pronouns; the intersection of campus suicides with social media and perfectionism; the human health risks from synthetic chemicals in consumer products; homelessness; and how the collapse of Lehman Brothers led to “trickle-down home economics”—thousands of domestics and other low-wage laborers losing their jobs.

Scelfo’s first book, The Women Who Made New York, (Seal Press, an imprint of Perseus Books, a Hachette Book Group company) describes the long history of female trailblazers, artists and activists who not only made New York City the cultural epicenter of the world but shaped many of the ideas and social justice movements that fuel American society today.

Scelfo lives with her family in New York City, where she rides a push-scooter to ease travel back and forth between neighborhoods. She is a member of PEN America, a supporter of Narrative 4, and believes radical empathy is where it’s at.

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