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Marilyn and Haley Ballard

Odell Design Studio is a NYC-based jewelry design company aimed at creating fun, colorful and chic everyday statement jewelry for the fashion-forward woman of every age.

A woman-owned business co-founded by mother-daughter duo, Marilyn and Haley Ballard. They collaborate together on each eye-catching design from bold geometrics to sculptural pieces in their NYC studio.

Winners of the “Most Unique Materials” award at Metal + Smith Show NYC April 2019, and featured in The Retail Magazine’s “Look Book” section July/August 2019 issue.

By merging their unique colorization process never seen before in jewelry making, onto high quality gold plated brass, while keeping their products lightweight, they achieve a luxury finish along with quality and durability. Their hand-made earrings, necklaces, cuffs and rings are each individually colorized making no two pieces the same.

Marilyn Ballard, Co-Founder

Marilyn has been a business owner since 2010. She started MB Reps in 2010, a photo agency in NYC representing professional photographers, art directors, and stylists in the fashion and home fashion industries. Marilyn has been professionally involved in the fashion business since 1987 when she began her career as a photo producer, working with fashion clients on their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Haley Ballard, Co-Founder 

Haley's professional career began when at the age of 25 her fashion photography was published in national and international magazines including, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, and many more. Haley worked closely with her clients to develop the overall look of their ad campaigns with a focus on their target markets. Prior to starting her photography career, Haley worked for MB Reps alongside Marilyn, to learn about marketing and talent development.


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