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Meet Our Spring 2021 Designers

Maya & Teta Gorgoni

Maya Gorgoni, one half of the Mother/Daughter duo behind the rapidly rising ROYAL JELLY HARLEM (RJH), founded in February 2011 is an Online Boutique, African-inspired clothing and home decorating line using African Wax/Ankara printed textiles.

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Joyce Mercer

Jewelry With Me is a fun, funky, colorful custom line of jewelry that is inexpensive and made to show off your unique style. It’s everyday jewelry that I hope will become the favorite pieces to wear and people will want to purchase lots of different styles and colors of! Everything is made from anodized aluminum wire and sterling silver. It’s light weight, non-tarnishing and hypo allergenic. Each piece is a one of a kind handmade work of art! Made for you, by me with LOVE!

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Elif Akaydin

Elif Akaydin, an Istanbul native,had a vision of creating a global design house that inspires intentional buying through pieces that are crafted with integrity, beauty and passion. Fashioned by skilled artisans with the highest quality materials, Patent of Heart ventures to transform an idea into a reality.

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Sylvia and Camila

We are Sylvia and Camila — a mother and daughter duo. We started Sylca Designs with one vision: to empower women to feel fashionable, beautiful and, most importantly, confident. We draw our inspiration for our collections from the natural elements around us to create geometric patterns and unique shapes. Each collection is curated in the US and then brought to life by our artisans in the Philippines and Thailand. Our Jewelry is carefully handcrafted using natural elements such as wood, and shell, plus complementary elements of hand molded resin, to bring the design together. We choose materials that are easy to work with and can be molded and shaped into the unique pieces that make up our unique collection. Our Art-to-wear clothing is hand-painted, hand-decorated, and sewn in Thailand. Combined together, bold color variations and texture truly empower the wearer to feel beautiful, confident and create their own style.
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Joan Goodman

Founded in 2003 by sisters Joan and Barbara, PONO by Joan Goodman is a company that takes a uniquely holistic approach to accessories. PONO attempts to uncover the universal in fashion…designs and styles that appeal to people of all walks of life, reflecting the diversity and multiplicity of life within a singular object.

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Mariana Stein

A longtime passion and fascination for universal symbols of different cultures, amulets and healing gemstones have been the force and inspiration for Jimena Rose New York.

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Jan Hartman

Jan started her retail store in the Philadelphia suburbs in 1992 and loved serving the customers in her community for 24 years. Founder of Rain Capers, she turned boring reversible rain poncho outerwear into popular wearable art. In order to spend more time with her daughter Lindsay and her grandchildren, she closed bricks & mortar store and launched RainCaper in 2016.

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Grace Chuang

Alice Chiang is principal of Grace Chuang, Inc., established in 1990 to design unique Asian embroidery jackets and accessories. Designs include evening bags, scarves, and custom tailored apparel.

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Gladys "Rosa" Perez

Is a master Ebru artist, studied this ancient Chinese, paper marbling technique for more than 25 years and blends this ancient technique with her own modern sensibility to create striking mirrors, tables, designer frames, and large scale pieces for commercial and residential spaces.

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