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Mia Galison

Just over twenty years ago, our first child Eyck was born, and I started eeBoo so I could be with him. At that time it was hard to find anything for children that did not look or feel mass-produced or that was not made of plastic. I wanted to make beautiful and meaningful products that felt like those I enjoyed in childhood, and like the treasures I remembered from my grandparent’s home. Slowly we began to carve out a space for ourselves in the small but growing children’s specialty market.

I launched eeBoo with a few oddball hats, sewn or crocheted by me or my friend Evelyn Gant in Vermont and Bug Cookie Cutters, which we produced in Pennsylvania. Then, just as eeBoo and Eyck turned one, I learned I was pregnant with twins, Elodie and Finn. As our three children grew, they inspired us to create activities that encouraged social interaction, cultivated conversation, fostered creativity, and reduced screen time. eeBoo reinvented traditional formats like nesting blocks and memory games for which I commissioned original warm-hearted illustrations. Our product designs were complex and fanciful, and we only used responsible, safe and sturdy materials. We invented new categories as well, like Create a Story Cards, which facilitate interaction with children and encourage the many skills associated with building narratives. Recently we have produced an array of art materials of superior quality with the hope that the extravagant spectrum of colors, forms, and textures will inspire parents and children, in free and undirected bliss, to cut, paste, bend, fold, and just make.

Over the last two decades eeBoo has created a body of work of which I am proud. I have collaborated with the greatest children’s book illustrators and the finest designers while being supported by a community of intelligent, sensitive and creative sales people, production managers, customer service ladies, and remarkable sales representatives. Best of all, I have been able to share a studio and exchange ideas with my husband Sax. We have had many joyously complex years of eeBoo and of being parents. In that time we learned that letting our children get down on the floor to play enabled them to grow up to think on their feet. Most importantly, we’ve seen that this precious time of childhood is fleeting, and we recommend that if you have children in your lives that you get down on the floor beside them—it is time you will not want to miss.



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