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Nancy Klotz

Nancy Klotz's work is borne out of dreams and observation. She takes inspiration from the organic. Patterns in trees, rocks, earth are all in ones mind's eye when she is working. Nancy loves the juxtaposition of the rough and earthy with the sparkle and shine of a delicate stone. She is attracted to the appearance of a brilliant color of a gem in the midst of the dark of oxidized metal. Nancy is always looking for designs in nature for the rough and the intricate the heavy and the delicate to feed her ideas.

It is Nancy's desire to give audiences,i.e.. those who appreciate and perhaps wish to own one of her pieces , an object of beauty. She hopes to create for people something that they will feel happy to have or to give to another. Jewelry is adornment. She wished those who own her pieces to feel beautiful, unique and happy when they put on one of her creations. Her wish is to bring a bit of joy and loveliness into people's lives.



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