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Sondra Wiskari

Sondra Wiskari is an artist and graphic and surface pattern designer based in New England. Her love of eclecticism leads her to constantly experiment with form and process.

Drawing from her background in fine art, Sondra creates patterns from hand-drawn motifs, paintings, photography, or digital imaginings. Although she works on many different types of projects including home décor and jewelry, Museum product design is her specialty. Stepping into the spirit and style of the artist or period, she interprets it into diverse items from scarves to giftware while ensuring respect for the original work.

Sondra frequently collaborates with the New-York Historical Society to create museum merchandise collections, including Tiffany, Harry Potter, and the current Hudson Rising exhibition.

In addition to her WiskariStudios pattern portfolio and design service, Sondra is collaborating with her husband on – a new online venue for art, artwear, and sculpture created by her family of artists. The new site features Sondra’s line of hand-finished limited edition silk scarves presented under the SWiskariAtelier label.


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