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Sondra Wiskari

Sondra Wiskari is an artist and textile designer based in New England. Her love of eclecticism leads her to constantly experiment with form and process.
Exploring motifs for digitally and hand-screened textiles involves creating artwork that will read well in movement and detail. From abstract to figural, designing compositions for textile imprint gives Sondra the freedom to use every tool at hand to find new ways of blending technology with artisanal craft. Through digital imaging, she melds hand-wrought sketches, painting, photography, and tablet work, to create vivid montages to print on luxury fabrics.

Whether a bordered composition for a scarf print, or specifically placed motifs for bespoke tops, the artwear that results from the process is carefully orchestrated down to the last detail.

Printed primarily on natural fibers, SWiskariAtelier scarves are printed in limited editions and finished with an exacting hand-rolled hemming technique. They are featured on – an online gallery shop presenting artwear, sculpture and fine art prints created by her family of artists.

In addition, Sondra frequently collaborates with the New-York Historical Society to create exhibition merchandise collections through her WiskariStudios design service. Museum product design has long been her specialty. Drawing from her background in art history, she is able to step into the spirit and style of the artist or period and interpret it into diverse items from scarves to giftware, while ensuring respect for the original work.



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