Tricia Paoluccio

Tricia Paoluccio grew up on an almond farm in Modesto, California where she learned the art of flower pressing as a child. After moving to New York City to pursue her acting career, Tricia made unique one of a kind cards and botanical collages on handmade paper, selling the originals in boutiques and on the street.

Enabled by advances in technology, Tricia has been focusing on turning her original artworks into fine art prints and using her graphic design skills to create a line of home goods, soft accessories, fine linen, rugs and a tabletop collection. These offerings will be shared on the website devoted to her luxury lifestyle brand: Domain of the Flowerings.

While in quarantine during the pandemic, Tricia began teaching Zoom classes on the art of pressing flowers and is thrilled her classes seem to attract such interest from people around the world. Her goal is to elevate this art form, which has been around for centuries, and to celebrate the resilience and beauty of wildflowers.

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