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Dolley Madison Mini-notebook set of 2

$ 3.24 $ 12.95

First Lady Dolley Madison is often remembered as a hostess who saved the White House portrait of George Washington from British vandalism during the War of 1812. But in fact, she was the most influential woman in America during the nation’s formative years—a national, almost mythic figure. Even more, she was a powerful force during a time when women were excluded from affairs of state.

Two Notebooks, 24 double-sided blank pages, 6 1/2x4 inches.

Campbell Prints, Inc., n.d.   D.P. Madison (Dolley Madison), (1768-1849), n.d.    Paper Silhouette Portrait

Aline Alaux (French, dates unknown)   After Gilbert Stuart (American, 1755 – 1828)   Mrs. James Madison (Dolley Madison) (1768-1849), n.d.


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