Georgia O'Keefe Red Canna Tape Measure

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Bring some art to your craft room, with this bold Red Canna measuring tape featuring art by Georgia O'Keefe. This vibrant compact measuring tape is beautifully designed and practical.  It features a sturdy pull tab, easy push retractable button, double sided 60 inch/150 centimeter tape, and vegan leather. Perfect for you or for your favorite DIYer!

Painted in 1924  by Georgia O'Keefe, the Red Canna is the enlargement of a motif drawn from a close-up study of natural forms.  As the shapes swell and taper across the tape's case, they pulse with color and energy, suggesting the artist's continuing fascination with themes of natural vitality, translated to the microcosm of the blossom.

  • ape
  • measures up to 60 inches (150 centimeters)
  • sturdy pull tab, easy push retractable button
  • vegan leather texture
Item Number: 21968