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Handmade Scullery Soap

$ 18.00


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Scrub up before you face the General! This scullery soap gives the fresh scent of citrus, alerting your senses to pay attention.

Part of the working class culture since the 18th century, scullery soap would often appear in the servants’ quarters or kitchen annex as a utilitarian scrubbing bar. This intoxicating scullery soap pays homage to the tradition of the homestead and works well on all of your rough spots. It’s a refreshing soap for anyone who possesses a multitudinous passion for the kitchen or a hard day’s work—and for whatever those efforts may yield.

  • 5.5 oz
  • contains: rose geranium oil, mineral salt, and all natural beeswax 
  • Not intended for pots, pans or face.
  • Made in New York
    ITEM NUMBER: 14782