Hirschfeld’s G-Clef Cocktail Napkins

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Let Al Hirschfeld's fabulous Broadway baby do the talking with our sophisticated package of 20 paper cocktail napkins. This charming G-Clef grand dame is sure to garner a standing ovation at every appearance. Entertain in style and add a bit of theatrical flair to every soiree.

The Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) image featured on our cocktail napkins is titled Put it in Writing and was created to promote a 1963 off-Broadway musical revue. Nearly 35 years later, Hirschfeld resurrected her for the New York Times pre-Tony article in 1997 that focused on the musicals of that season. We are certainly glad he did, because Hirschfeld's G-Clef seems to sum up all that we love about sophisticated Broadway musical theatre, and is deserving of many encores!

Al Hirschfeld brought a linear calligraphic style of performance portraiture when he made his debut in 1926. One of the most important figures in contemporary drawing and caricature, he influenced countless artists, illustrators, and cartoonists in a career of nine decades. His signature work made his name a verb--to be "Hirschfelded" was a sign that one had arrived. Among the hallmarks of Hirshfeld's legacy are drawings of pure line in black ink, into which he dipped not a pen but a genuine crow's quill. Hirschfeld is famed for hiding his daughter Nina's name at least once in most of the drawings he produced after her birth. Can you find the Ninas?

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Paper; 3 ply - 5 x 5 inches
20 per package
Printed in Germany using non-toxic, water soluble dyes.
Item Number: 13054