Joshua Light Show Coaster Set

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Trip the liquid light fantastic with our exclusive Joshua Light Show Coaster Set and be inspired by the dripping luscious color and movement of the psychedelic era. The design was created using a still photograph created from a Joshua Light Show video.

The Joshua Light Show, created by Joshua White, was a liquid light show. It was known for its psychedelic art and served as a lighting backdrop behind many live band performances during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Joshua Light show was by far the most technically and artistically sophisticated light show to emerge during the 1960s. Resident artist at the Fillmore East from 1968 until 1971, founder Joshua White and his collaborators received equal billing with The Who, The Doors, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and other Fillmore East headliners.

The group mesmerized audiences by creating effects with an astonishing array of high- and low-tech tools including: film projectors, slide projectors, overhead projectors, hundreds of color wheels, motorized reflectors made of aluminum foil, Mylar, broken mirrors, hair dryers, watercolors, oil colors, alcohol, glycerin, two crystal ashtrays, and dozens of clear-glass clock crystals.

Joshua White: “Like a conductor, I would wait for the right moment in the music and then, BOOM, there would be an explosion of light and color.”

The New-York Historical Society presents the rock & roll world of Bill Graham (1931–1991), one of the most influential concert promoters of all time. Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution explores the life and work of the legendary music impresario who worked with the biggest names in rock music. Showcasing more than 300 objects—including rock memorabilia, photographs, and concert posters with a site-specific installation of “The Joshua Light Show,” the trailblazing liquid light show conceived in 1967 by multimedia artist Joshua White that served as a psychedelic backdrop to Graham’s concert productions in New York. On view February 14, 2020 –January 3, 2021.

  •  Set of 4 3.5 inch wood coasters
  • Cork back

 © Joshua Light Show. Still photography by Stan Schnier


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