Noir Sacred Apothecary Candle - 16oz

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Deep, smoldering wood from the sacred Palo Santo trees of Brazil form the base notes of the Noir Sacred 16oz Apothecary Candle's enchanting fragrance. Coveted for it’s use in spiritual healing rituals, Palo Santo is often referred to as a Holy Wood with magical cleansing properties. The candle comes in a black matte glass jar with cork, and has an astonishing 100 hour burn time.

Fragrance Notes:
Palo Santo
Smoldering Wood
Copal Resin
  • 16oz
  • 100 Hour Burn Time
  • 100% vegan

L’apothicaire Co. is a woman-owned, small-batch botanical apothecary focusing on unique fragrance assortments. Curious scents are created to delight the senses. The brand's products are 100% vegan. No animal ingredients are ever used. They do not test on animals, nor do any of their suppliers. Free from phthalates, parabens, alcohols and solvents.


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