Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe Pocket Saint

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This wooden pocket-sized retablo by Lynn Garlick features Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe, a Patroness for Suffering and Compassion. Invoked in General Favors, in Sickness, and against Evil, particularly War. Displayed in homes to honor the saint or given as gifts of fortune and inspiration, retablos reflect a beloved historical tradition and cultural artistry. This retablo features Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe along with her name and corresponding spiritual attributes. 
  • 1.5 in.
  • Decoupage on laser-cut Baltic Birch
The retablo, or ʻboard behind the altarʼ, was originally created in New Mexico in the 1800ʼs in response to the lack of Bibles and Icons being sent from the church in Rome. The Santero (saint maker) painted retablos from pigment collected and ground from the local surroundings.

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