Our Children Can Soar: A Celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the Pioneers of Change

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This unique picture book is part history, part poetry, and entirely inspirational. It takes the reader step by simple step through the cumulative story of the US Civil Rights Movement, showing how select pioneers' achievements led up to the landmark moment when we elected our first black president. Each historical figure is rendered by a different award-winning illustrator, highlighting the singular and vibrant contribution that each figure made.

  • paperback
  • 32 pages
  • by Pat Cummings and AG Ford
  •  Dillon, Leo (Illustrator), Dillon, Diane (Illustrator), Velasquez, Eric (Illustrator), Christie, R. Gregory (Illustrator), Ransome, James (Illustrator), Collier, Bryan (Illustrator), Strickland, Shadra (Illustrator), Morrison, Frank (Illustrator), Cabrera, Cozbi (Illustrator), Riley-Webb, Charlotte (Illustrator), Lewis, E. B. (Illustrator)

Picture the Dream is the first exhibition of its kind to delve into the events, people, and themes of the civil rights movement through the children’s picture book. Picture books are one of the most compelling forms of visual expression, and this exhibition showcases them as an effective bridge between art and storytelling, championing aspects of the movement that are both celebrated and forgotten.

The exhibition is guest curated by award-winning children’s book author Andrea Davis Pinkney.


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