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Phrenology Head

$ 49.95


A relic of 19th Century medical practice, the phrenology "science" served the inherent biases of the dominant culture.  This Porcelain Phrenology Bust is an exact replica of the Staffordshire china fine cracked porcelain originals.

Phrenology is a foreign subject to our modern medical practices, but in the Victorian era it was common practice. Each of the 48 faculties of the brain served as a sort of map to a person's innate nature and personality. With such areas as love, intellectuality, energy levels, and morals; doctors believed they could tell everything about a person from mapping out the bumps and oddities of the human skull. 

Europeans looking for a scientific basis for their racism a found phrenology attractive as justification for European superiority over other "lesser" races. By comparing skulls of different ethnic groups it supposedly allowed for ranking of races from least to most evolved.

The Phrenology Bust can be a teaching tool for those exploring inherent biases that have informed and reinforced the broader culture at the expense of a fuller understanding of humanity.

  • 14 x 16.5 x 29 cm
  • Hand painted Ceramic
  • Weighs 4.03lb

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