Piano Key Bottle Opener

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What a musical way to open a bottle of your favorite brew! Our bottle opener would make a lovely gift for a pianist or any music lover.

Musical instruments fill our homes and concert halls with energy and life. Pianos date back to Italy of the early 1700's with the Grand Piano introduced in the 1770's. Later came smaller uprights and by 1880 today's "88 keys" became the standard. Guitars go back even further, all the way to the 1200's. 

  • crafted from 3 of the 88 keys found on old pianos that are past their playing days. Two white & one black.
  • White keys are made of a light wood and covered with white plastic strips. Black keys are typically ebony or stained oak.
  • Shape and color may vary slightly from image. Quality nickel-plated hardware. Measures 6-1/2".
  • Each bottle opener comes in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Item Number: 19143