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Raggedy Ann Classic Doll

$ 24.95


Material girl, she's got to be real:  Raggedy Ann was born during the crucible that was WWI. Flame-red hair, button eyes and a sewn-on smile, Raggedy Ann is an iconic doll that survived the Depression, a world war and a generation of Barbie lovers - and still keeps smiling. This doll has "Raggedy Ann" embroidered on her apron and a "I Love You" heart embroidered on her body. Clothes are not intended to be removed. Her pantaloons are accented by two red bows. 

The red-haired version of Raggedy Ann and Andy evolved through a show of patriotism during the World War. The all-American rag doll has provided enjoyment to generations of children through the stories written by Johnny Gruelle. Raggedy Ann is beautifully hand made, with exquisite detail to her outfit and overall look. A special gift for any child to receive. Dolls have embroidered facial features in soft tones and yarn hair with the classic loop style. Each doll  features lock-washer plastic button eyes. 
  • Classic 8" or 16" Large Raggedy Ann Doll
  • 9.6oz or 1.1 LB.
  • 36 months - 15 years
  • imported