Relativity Watch

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Besides being one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever produced, Albert Einstein was also remarkably punctual. If he promised you a paper on wave-particle duality at 2:00 PM, you wouldn’t get it at 2:05 or 2:15 – you’d get it at 2:00 SHARP! And that's why we're certain Einstein would have appreciated the Relativity Watch – it's a timepiece as remarkable and original (and accurate) as Albert Einstein himself.

The Relativity Watch is the first watch where the numbers rotate around the face of the watch, proving unequivocally that time is relative (okay, perhaps a bit equivocally). It's still easy to tell the time, but the never-ending parade of digits and symbols is hypnotically cool.

Einstein proved that as an object accelerates and approaches the speed of light, time actually slows down. We've taken that into account when designing the Einstein watch. Though it cost us a fortune in research and development, this is the first watch to keep accurate time up to 0.9973 Planck Units.

  • Nickel-free zinc alloy case is 33 mm in diameter.
  • Leather band.
  • Japanese quartz movement.
  • Not waterproof.
Item Number: 10917