Saducismus Triumphatus Print

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Our exclusive Saducismus Triumphatus print features Joseph Glanvill’s intricate woodcuts from the frontispiece of his 1700 book. From the collection of New-York Historical, the book provides a point-by-point rebuttal to any potential skepticism about the existence of witchcraft. Featuring intricate woodcuts,  His text shows that despite widespread belief in the occult, there were also vigorous debates about its existence and how authorities should respond to its threat.  Produced to accompany the exhibition The Salem Witch Trials: Reckoning & Reclaiming.

  • 11x17"
  • Made in the USA 
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The Salem Witch Trials: Reckoning and Reclaiming  (October 7, 2022 - January 22, 2023) explores how, even after 300 years, Salem’s witch trials remain a defining example of intolerance and injustice in American history. The extraordinary events of 1692-3 led to the deaths of 25 innocent people, the vast majority of whom were women.  The exhibition includes tangible fragments from the past that illuminate the real lives of Salem’s residents: those accused of witchcraft, their accusers, and those who defended them against legal charges, risking their own lives and reputations in the process. 

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