The High Society

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From Mort Gerberg's new introduction to High Society:  "One of the prevalent characteristics of the turbulent, society-changing 1960s was marijuana. It was seemingly ubiquitous, though usually covert because it was illegal — which only made it more attractive as a contemporary 'subject,' on the lips of many, so to speak — and therefore perfect material for humor. My (cartooning) interest in marijuana heightened in 1972 when a magazine story speculated that legalization was imminent. I considered drawing another cartoon spread, but my “what-if” ideas kept spreading, and resulted in this satire, which, when I reread it last year, looked like a rough draft for the legalization movement that's now growing nationwide."

  • 162 pages
  • paperback
  • 5 x 0.4 x 8 inches
  • by Mort Gerberg
Item Number: 18642