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Women of the Civil War

$ 12.95


American women faced enormous challenges in the turbulent years of the Civil War. Many refused to watch idly as their brothers, husbands, and sons fought in the bloodiest war of America's history. Women Who Dare: Women of the Civil War celebrates women of both the North and the South whose courage and daring brought them into the fray, whether by donning men's clothes and fighting as soldiers, becoming spies, working as nurses in the bloody battlefields, or becoming propagandists for the Cause. Acting out of patriotism, personal commitment, or simple unwillingness to be left behind, these women accepted the dangers and privations of war and earned their place in history.

Through rare photographs and engaging text, renowned historical figures such as Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman are recalled, along with lesser-known heroines such as Dr. Mary E. Walker, who tended soldiers and civilians during the war, and the Daughters of the Regiment, who accompanied their husbands to battle. Their captivating stories offer a unique glimpse into Civil War history. 64 pages with 47 black-and-white images. Size: 5¾ x 6½ in. Smyth-sewn casebound book, with dust jacket. Written by Michelle A. Krowl.

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