Louis C Tiffany Replica Zinnia Lamp with Mosaic Base

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Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home with this enchanting reproduction of Louis C. Tiffany's Zinnia lamp shade with Mosaic Base. The design features bright zinnia blossoms scattered on a green background. This Tiffany Studios replica lamp was made using Paul Crist molds with American made Uroboros, Bullseye, and Oceana Art-Glass. The glass was cut in Tiffany’s original shapes and sizes and assembled using Tiffany’s copper-foil method on exact copies of Tiffany’s shade molds. The imported base is replica bronze cast in the lost-wax method used to create the Tiffany originals. Replica lamps are 1 to 1 scale to the originals.

  • Glass: made in Pittsburgh, PA & Portland, OR, by Yougheney and Oroborus, using Paul Crist Molds.
  • Bases: hand cast and hand chased replica bronze, made in Germany and Western Asia.
  • measures 24" in diameter x approx 34" in height
  • lamp base design may vary
Item Number: 19857