Joan Goodman

PONO was founded in 2003 by sisters Joan and Barbara, Goodman. The company takes a uniquely holistic approach to accessories. PONO attempts to uncover the universal in fashion…designs and styles that appeal to people of all walks of life, reflecting the diversity and multiplicity of life within a singular object.

PONO is the Hawaiian word for righteousness in all its forms: quality; morality; goodness; virtuousness; in perfect order.

Joan says, "This is what we wanted to embody, our wearers to embrace: being anchored, expressive, illuminating; not just in terms of look and feel but also when it comes to design, production and the ethics of the everyday."

The PONO jewelry collection is designed by Joan in Italy. Products are handcrafted by true artisans who possess an exceptional attention for detail from concept to design. Joan’s inspiration for PONO comes from the creativity, technology and the environmental commitment of the Italian factories she works with. Joan’s designs for PONO thus reflect her life experiences: mixing the exotica of Hawaii, Italian sophistication, NYC urban chic and a love of nature and the planet. These diverse lines of influence can be seen in PONO’s collection. Materials such as horn, wood, shell and amazing Italian resins blend together into art that one wears.


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