Betsy Ross String Doll Keychain

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Betsy Ross was the seamstress who sewed the first flag of Stars & Stripes.   Her circle of stars and 13 broad stripes became tightly woven into the colorful fabric of America's rich history. This adorable pocket sized Betsy Ross key chain comes with her own miniature flag. Each String Doll has her own special power that is always positive and helpful.  Every doll is handmade from one piece of string with added accessories. Durable enough to be used as a key chain, or bag charm.

    • Double-sided fabric tag with special power
    • Includes lobster claw key ring
    • A Fair Trade Product
    • 3" tall

The patriot, silversmith, and entrepreneur Paul Revere was forever immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1861 poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride,” but his genuine accomplishments are often eclipsed by the legend of the midnight journey. This groundbreaking exhibition (September 6, 2019—January 12, 2020), featuring more than 150 objects, re-examines Revere’s accomplishments.

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