Romantic Marquis de Lafayette Necklace

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O! if you knew how much I sigh to see you

This modern sterling silver pendant is inscribed with a romantic quotation from the Marquis de Lafayette's intimate letter to Madame de Lafayette dated July 23, 1777, only days before he arrived in Philadelphia to enlist to the cause of the struggling colonies. Lafayette's complete sentence reads: O! if you knew how much I sigh to see you, how much I suffer at being separated from you, and all that my heart has been called on to endure, you would think me somewhat worthy of your love!

The geometric form of the pendant is known as a Mobius strip, after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868). It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length.

Dimensions: 1" diameter

18" sterling silver chain
Made in New York City, USA
Item Number: 2117

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