Wheat Straw Applique Cross by Carlton Gallegos - XL

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This traditional straw appliqué wood cross is handmade by Carlton Gallegos of the Pueblo of Santa Ana. Set with a turquoise nugget in the center and segments of silky straw laid atop black and turquoise blue-painted wood, each cross is one-of-a-kind. Carlton's work has contributed to the preservation of this traditional folk art.

Straw appliqué is an art that is shared by both the Spanish who came to the Southwest in the 16th Century, and the Pueblo Indians. The Spanish colonists were the first to adapt marquetry to the resource-challenged New Mexico territory by using straw instead of gold or fine woods, but it was the Pueblo of Santa Ana that is credited with keeping the art form going in the early twentieth century. Straw appliqué gained a widespread revival in the 1930's through the Work Progress Administration and continues to grow with the annual Spanish Market in Santa Fe. 

Each cross is unique, and will vary in design from the image shown. 

This 8 inch cross is also available in large and medium sizes. 

  • 8 x 4.5 in.
  • material: straw, wood, paint and turquoise
Item Number: 23288