Taller Than Trees: A Tribute to the Nature of New York City

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A Tribute to the Parks of New York City, this mixed-media coffee table book captures the beauty and respite found in New York City parks through the work of hyper-realist graphite artist Mary Reilly. The title is a celebration of nature in New York, an often looked over aspect of the city yet vital to every real New Yorker. Traversing the five boroughs, Taller Than Trees includes moody photography by prominent artists Luc Kordas and Jean- Andre Antoine, excerpts by Toni Morisson, and essays by Tim Kelleher. As with all Studio Publishing books, this title comes to life through the S96 app. Readers can hover their phone over the page to reveal the original photographs of the scenes Mary drew, putting the extent of her hyper-realistic talent into perspective. Readers can also discover where she drew each of her drawings, by tapping the interactive map that comes to life on page 17, called Mary's Maps. Foreword by Roberta Olsen, the Curator of Drawings at New-York Historical. 

  • 144 Pages
  • 10 x 12 in
  • hardcover
  • by Mary Reilly
Item Number: 20836