Tiffany Glass Coloring Book

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An elegant new coloring book inspired by, and celebrating, the spectacular designs of Tiffany lamps at the New-York Historical Society. A new addition to the successful coloring-book genre, the leaded, kaleidoscopic designs of the beloved 132 Tiffany Studios' lamps and three windows in the Neustadt Collection at the New-York Historical Society lend themselves perfectly to the format of a coloring book.

The new drawings by renowned British illustrator Jessica Palmer, sixty-five single-page and full-spread illustrations in all, are inspired by the magical, natural world of Tiffany, depicting dragonflies dancing among peonies, wisteria vines drooping over ponds, and entwining tulip and poppy blossoms. At least one dragonfly, arguably the best known of all the Tiffany motifs, is found in every drawing; sometimes as the centerpiece and sometimes tucked away in a corner. These intricate drawings beg to be filled in with a riot of color and are sure to induce a meditative calming of the spirit. This book was created to commemorate our Gallery of Tiffany Lamps.

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  • 96 pages 
  • 9.1 x 0.4 x 10 inches
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