Louis C Tiffany Replica Trumpet Creeper Lamp

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Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home with this enchanting reproduction of Louis C. Tiffany's Trumpet Creeper lamp. The design features a beautiful cascade of trumpet creeper vines and a border of luminescent orange blooms. This Tiffany Studios replica lamp was made using Paul Crist molds with American made Uroboros, Bullseye, and Oceana Art-Glass. The glass was cut in Tiffany’s original shapes and sizes and assembled using Tiffany’s copper-foil method on exact copies of Tiffany’s shade molds. The imported base is replica bronze cast in the lost-wax method used to create the Tiffany originals. Replica lamps are 1 to 1 scale to the originals.
  • Glass: made in Pittsburgh, PA & Portland, OR, by Yougheney and Oroborus, using Paul Crist Molds.
  • Bases: hand cast and hand chased replica bronze, made in Germany and Western Asia.
  • measures 18" in diameter x approx 28" in height
  • lamp base design may vary
Item Number: 19865