White-Crowned Pigeon Princeton Print

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Columba leucocephala

Flora: geiger tree, Cordia sebestena, a West Indian shrub found also in the Florida keys

Print size: 26 1/4" x 39 1/4"; image size: 19" x 23 1/2"

Princeton Audubon Limited Edition - produced 1985

Based on a composition painted at Indian Key, Florida in April 1832. The landscape artist, George Lehman, painted the flowering limb of the geiger tree.

"I saw them as they approached the shore," Audubon wrote, "skimming along the surface of the waters, flying with great rapidity, much in the manner of the common house species, but not near each other like the Passenger Pigeon. On nearing the land, they rose to the height of about a hundred yards, surveyed the country in large circles, then with less velocity gradually descended, and alighted in the thickest parts of the mangroves and other low trees."

Appearing quite dark except for the shining white crown, most of these pigeons winter on Caribbean islands from whence they make an annual crossing to the Florida Keys to nest in colonies in coastal mangroves.


Princeton Audubon prints are direct-camera facsimile lithographs of the Robert Havell Jr. (1793-1878) engravings for The Birds of America (1827-38). Princeton's Double elephant Folio prints are issued in limited editions of 500 or 1500 prints. All are numbered and have a seal in the bottom margin to demonstrate their authenticity.

Printed on heavy Mohawk paper that is recommended by the Library of Congress for archives, the paper is specially toned to match the average paper color of the antique originals.
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